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Save Results Pro is the premium version of the Free Save Results Light addon for HD Quiz, and adds in a far better table for viewing and sorting results, as well as many advanced features. This article will go over all the currently available features for this plugin and how to use them.

How to Install and Activate

After you have purchased this plugin, an email will be sent to you with your activation license as well as a download link. Please remember to check your spam folder if you have not received this email.

  1. Log into your site and from the admin menu, select Plugins then the Add New button (found near the top of the page)
  2. Now select Upload Plugin and select the plugin you downloaded, then Install Now.
  3. Once the plugin has been installed, select the Activate Plugin button

Now that the plugin is on your site, you need to activate your license. You can do this from the plugin settings page, found by going to HD Quiz ⇾ Results. Once your plugin has been activated, you can begin customizing the design of your quizzes.

NOTE: The Save Results Light plugin will be automatically deactivated once this plugin has been enabled. It is recommended that you export any existing results from Save Results Light first. If not, you can always temporarily deactivate Save Results Pro so you can review those previous records.

Save Results Pro Settings


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The Form tab is where you can configure a form to request additional information from your users that will be saved along with the results. There are two types of forms.

The “native” / “built-in” form that includes a text field to ask for the quiz taker’s name, and an email field to request their email address. If this is all the additional information needed, then it is recommended to use this native form.

HDForms is a free form builder plugin developed and supported by me, and it will allow you to add additional field types such as dropdowns, textareas, checkboxes, etc. If you need help using or setting up HDForms, you can view the documentation here.

  • Label for Name ⇾ If you want to use the native form and ask for the quiz taker’s name, enter the label here.
  • Label for Email ⇾ If you want to use the native form and ask for the quiz taker’s email, enter the label here.
  • Form placement ⇾ Choose where to display your form.
    • Before Quiz ⇾ The quiz will be hidden and won’t become available until the form has been completed.
    • Before Results ⇾ The quiz will load and run as normal, but the user will not be able to submit the quiz to see their results until they fill out the form. The form loads just before the “finish quiz” button.


A lot more features are unlocked by using HDForms, such as adding additional fields not just to the form, but also to the results table.

  • HDForms form ⇾ Select an existing HDForms form to use as your form (let me know when you’re sick of the word form).
  • Extra Column IDs ⇾ If you are asking for some custom content, you can add the field IDs here, and they will appear in the column. View the HDForms documentation for help with this.
  • HDForms name ID ⇾ Choose which field ID you are using as the “name” field. This is so that we can add this data to the “user” portion of the table.
  • HDForms email ID ⇾ Choose which field ID you are using as the “email” field. This is so that we can add this data to the “user” portion of the table.


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Save Results Pro can automatically send out email notifications on quiz completion. This tab will allow you to configure most aspects of how this works, and even the content of the emails.

  • Email addresses to send results to ⇾ A comma separated list of email addresses to notify of a new result.
  • Email Subject ⇾ What should the email subject line be?
  • Send results to the quiz taker ⇾ If we are able to determine the quiz taker’s email address, we can send the result to them too.
  • Send full Expanded Results ⇾ By default, the emails will contain the result information (score, date, status, etc) and the form data. If you enable this, then emails will also send the full question data as well (the result of each individual question).
  • Email content before (intro content) ⇾ Add some custom content to the start of your emails. Good place to add an introduction or perhaps add your logo in.
  • Email after before (footer content) ⇾ Add some custom content to the end of your emails. Good place to add in a disclaimer, or your business/contact info.


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The leaderboard can be automatically added to the end of every quiz, or you can use the shortcode to add it anywhere you want. The shortcode format is [hdq_leaderboard quiz = "XXX" limit = "10" orderby = "top" range = "all"]

  • quiz ⇾ replace with the ID of the quiz (the same ID used in the HDQuiz shortcodes)
  • limit ⇾ Accepts any integer.
  • orderby ⇾ Accepts either “top” or “recent”
  • range ⇾ Accepts either “all”, “week”, “month”, or “year”.

Something to note is that if your quizzes are public (ie: anyone can take the quiz), then result moderation is something you will need to address. You can always delete a result that is undesirable, but you will always need to stay on top of it in case quiz takers use nono words.

  • Translate “User” ⇾ Translate the “User” column into your own language.
  • Translate “Score” ⇾ Translate the “Score” column into your own language.
  • Automatically place scoreboard after every quiz ⇾ Disable if you want to manually place using the shortcode.
  • Use included scoreboard design ⇾ If your theme does not have nice styles for tables, enable this.
  • Maximum results to show ⇾ Set a limit of how many results to show in the scoreboard.
  • Results Order ⇾ How do you want the results to order?
    • Top ⇾ Highest score first.
    • Recent ⇾ Most recent scores first.
  • Scoreboard results range ⇾ General date range of results to display.
    • Show all ⇾ Show results from any date.
    • Last week ⇾ Only show results from the past week.
    • Last month ⇾ Only show results from the past month.
    • Last year ⇾ Only show results from the past year.


This tab is pretty self-explanatory – export your results as a CSV.

  • Start Date ⇾ The start date of results to export.
  • End Date ⇾ The end date of the results to export.
  • CSV: Export Results ⇾ Start exporting! You can leave the Start Date and End Date fields blank to export all results.

If you have a lot of results to export, this may take a while. If you try to export too many results at once, your server might time out. If this happens, you can break your export down into “chunks” by using the Start Date and End Date fields.


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The results table is pretty cool. The default columns are:

  • Quiz ⇾ The name of the quiz.
    • Sortable, Filterable.
  • Result ⇾ The status of the result (passed or failed).
    • Sortable, Filterable.
  • Score ⇾ The fractional score of the results x / y.
  • User ⇾ The quiz taker.
    • If the user was logged in, then the user column will ALWAYS contain the information of the logged-in user. The form data will still be saved as such.
    • If using HDForms, then you must use field IDs in the “name ID” and “ “email ID” settings.
    • Sortable, Filterable.
  • Date ⇾ The date and time that the result was captured.
    • Sortable
  • Custom data […] ⇾ and other custom columns added in the HDForms Extra Column IDs setting.

*Sortable ⇾ If a column was marked as sortable, then you can select the column head to sort the table by that field. Just note that this will only sort results already on the table and won’t query additional results.

*Filterable ⇾ If a column was marked as filterable, then clicking on the row data for that column will allow you to review results OF that data. For example, click on a quiz name will reload the page with only results from that quiz.

Filtering Results

You can use the filter options located above the table to only show results from a chosen quiz, status, and date range.

How to see full result data

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If you hover over any of the results in the table, you will see “view full record“. Selecting this will open up a new modal with all the result data. There is also a handy print icon so that you can easily print the result data if needed.

What data is saved?

The Save Result Pro plugin saves a lot of useful data about the quiz. Saved data can be categorized into four types.

  • Results
    • The quiz name.
    • The quiz ID.
    • The score (x / y).
    • The percentage (100%).
    • The completion date and time.
    • The completion time (how long it took the user to complete the quiz).
    • The result (passed or failed).
  • User
    • The user ID.
    • The username.
    • The user email address.
  • Form
    • If using HDForms, then all additional fields will be captured and saved as well.
  • Questions
    • Question # and Title.
    • Result (true = correct, false = incorrect).
    • Selected answers (what the user selected).
    • Correct answers (what the correct answer was).

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