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Save Results Pro

$47.99 / year

  • save quiz taker’s name and email
  • add custom form to start or end of quiz
  • send results via email
  • save result for each question/answer
  • leaderboard functionality
  • so much more
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Save Results Pro is the paid version of Save Results Light for HD Quiz, a free quiz builder for WordPress. HD Quiz v1.8.x or higher is required to use this addon.

Collect Quiz Taker Name and Email

  • With this addon, you can collect the name and or email of all quiz takers

Collect Custom Form Fields

  • Add custom form fields using HDForms (a free form builder plugin) and add the form to either the start or end of a quiz.
  • If you add to the start, then the quiz will be hidden until the user submits the form.
  • If you add to the end, then the user will need to submit the form before seeing their results.

Send Results via Email

  • You can choose which email address’ to send the results to.
  • You can also email the results to the quiz taker (if you ask them for their email of course).

Save Each Question’s Answer

  • Save not just the final score, but the result of each question in the quiz!

Scoreboard / Leaderboard

  • You can now also add a scoreboard for any quiz to any page or post (or automatically add a scoreboard after each quiz).
  • Scoreboards can be sorted by score or by most recent result. You can also choose how many results to show.
  • Choose to display all results from a quiz, or just results from the last week, month, or year.

Export Results

  • You can export all results (including answers and any custom form data)
  • Export to CSV


Save Results Pro


The purchase of this addon plugin includes a direct link to download the latest version available as well as a license to use the addon with a single website. A license key will be provided for you to activate the plugin on your website. You will also recieve free updates for this plugin for as long as your license is active.