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You can use localhost if developing locally.


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  • Under no circumstances are you to resell any plugins.
  • You are not to circumvent any security or licensing.
  • You acknowledge that any plugins or code, provided or recommended by Harmonic Design, are implemented by you with the full knowledge that Harmonic Design has no responsibility or liability for any issues that may occur such as bugs, glitches, vulnerabilities, or crashes.
  • Due to the digital and open nature of WordPress plugins, no refunds will be provided unless you can demonstrate a breaking issue upon which Harmonic Design will issue either a full or partial refund depending on the license type.
  • If your purchase includes a recurring payment, you can contact Harmonic Design at any time to request a cancellation of your license. Once canceled, your license will become invalid after the current payment period expires.


For your reference, a "single site" license is defined as:

  • You are licensed to use this plugin with one single website for yourself or for one client (a “single website”) only.
  • If a development domain was provided, then a temporary 30-day license will be granted for use on that development domain.
  • You cannot resell any plugins under this license agreement.