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Published: April 3, 2024
Support status: comment


I am reaching out to inquire about the timer functionality in your WP quiz plugin. I am interested in purchasing your plugin for an upcoming project, but I have a specific requirement regarding the timer feature.

Instead of the timer function operating solely as a countdown, I am looking for a feature that displays the total amount of time taken to answer all the questions in a quiz. Specifically, I am planning to use the quiz for a campaign where participants compete to answer questions as quickly as possible, with the fastest participant each week winning a prize.

Could you please confirm if this customization is available in your plugin or if there are any options to achieve this functionality?

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing back from you soon with more details.

Ricardo Ferreira

thread author: Ricardo Ferreira

Hi Ricardo,
the Save Results Pro addon also saves the estimated completion time of the quiz.

View post on imgur.com

You can see the “Completion Time” in the above screenshot.

The only thing to note is that it is recommended to use a timer for the quiz. This is because when a timer is enabled, the quiz is hidden behind a “start quiz” button. This allows us to only count the time between when the user clicks this button to start the quiz, and when they finish. Without this, we use the page load time.

03 April 2024 — 12:35 support admin - Dylan

Thank you for the reply Dylan.

So help me out. I need to set up a quiz that offers some degree of personalization, allows for randomized questions, captures the total participation time, captures leads and contact information, exports results, makes questions required, allows for the export and import of questions, includes an admin dashboard, and enables the addition of images and videos.

Could you please advise me on which plugin(s) would best meet these requirements? Additionally, I would appreciate information on pricing, as well as the expected timeline for the licence.

Thank you

03 April 2024 — 13:20 thread author - Ricardo Ferreira

Hi Ricardo,
I think you just need to install HD Quiz and see what it can do yourself so that you are familiar and comfortable with it.

offers some degree of personalization

Not sure what this means. Personalization can mean many things.

allows for randomized questions

This is a feature of HD Quiz. Just remember to disable page caching for pages with quizzes if using a caching solution

captures the total participation time

As said above, the Save Results Pro addon saves the completion time for each quiz. It does not, however, sum up the completion time for all quizzes. But you can still get that data using by exporting the results.

captures leads and contact information

This is the main thing that the Save Results Pro addon does.

exports results

Yup, results can be exported with the addon

makes questions required

Enable the timer-per question feature. Set it to a high number and hide with CSS if you don’t want a timer. With this feature enabled, only the current question is enabled, forcing users to answer each one.

allows for the export and import of questions

HD Quiz has a CSV importer. Install the plugin to see an example CSV file. It does not export to CSV, but it is compatible with WordPress’ import/export tool to make migrating to different sites easier.

includes an admin dashboard

Not sure what you mean by this

enables the addition of images and videos

Each question can have a featured image. One question type is Multiple Choice Images, which allows you to use images as answers. You can also take a look here for a free addon that extends HD Quiz to add another content area where you can add video or audio.

HD Quiz is completely free. The Save Results Pro addon is currently $47.99 and can be found here:

Save Results Pro

Please review the page for screenshots, demo video, and license information.

03 April 2024 — 13:41 support admin - Dylan

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