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This plugin was working great, but on some browsers, w…

Published: December 7, 2016
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This plugin was working great, but on some browsers, we are coming up with results that look like this in a new window:

“YOU ARE A HIGH ACHIEVER. High achievers get good results…sometimes even great results. The problem is that they do this at great expense to themselves and others. And, their results are not sustainable over the long run. High achievers are adrenaline-driven, impatient, extremely busy, and anxious. They take on more than they can handle, hate delays, dislike ambivalence and focus on flaws. They tend to be workaholics and perfectionists. They pressure/push themselves and others to achieve unrealistic goals and measure their self-worth by activity, driving for closure and how much energy they apply to the task. They tend to be motivated by a fear of failure vs. a desire for success.

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“We transform High Achievers into Peak Performers””

With the characters as shown. How can I fix this?

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thread author: Whitney

Hi Whitney, this is a character encoding issue and is not caused by HD Quiz.

There are three possibilities here.

1) A recent update to Safari introduced a bug where any site that does not explicitly declare a character encoding, defaults to ‘none’ instead of UTF-8. This can be solved by adding this line to your theme header .

2) Perhaps you copy/pasted that line from Word or something which kept the special (non web safe) characters. Try editing your text to remove the special characters. Such as delete the first blank space before each line then press the spacebar to create a new safe space. This will remove all of the “” characters.

3) It’s possible that if you are using some caching plugin, then that plugin is causing the wonky character encoding. If the above two options fail for you, then disable any caching plugin and see if that fixes it.

I’d say that there is a 90%+ chance that doing option 1 will solve your problem though. If you can send me a link to your site, I can also take a look to see if your theme is declaring a charset and help you add it in if needed.

07 December 2016 — 15:20 support admin - Dylan

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