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Is it possible to give points to the quizzes? For example…

Published: November 5, 2019
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Is it possible to give points to the quizzes? For example I would give 1-10 points to every people who passed the 5-10 questions without or limited wrong answers… and I would be 3 levels for example 100pt=Steel level, 200=gold, 500=diamond. every level reaching could be activate a different popup with discount coupon, or downloadable product award.

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thread author: David K

Hi David,
this is not something that is currently built into HD Quiz, or likely ever will be. This is because the use case is too specific to your needs. However, with that said, I do have some good news.

The next version of HD Quiz comes with “custom actions”, the most important one for you being the new action that fires off whenever a quiz is completed. Using this action, you (or another developer) can extend HD Quiz to do anything you want, including saving results to a logged-in user’s profile and automatically creating coupons in woocommerce based on some tally, or emailing them a PDF etc. Sky’s the limit!

Developer documentation on how to use the hook will be provided along with the update.

05 November 2019 — 10:24 support admin - Dylan

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