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how to add users to limit the attempt and how to make user access them

Published: June 25, 2023
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How to add users to limit the number of attempts to the quiz and how to make user access the portal is there any login option given in the plugin?

thread author: Ragul

Hi Ragul,
I’m not sure if I fully understand the question.

You can use the free Limit Attempts addon to restrict quizzes to logged in users only, but there is no “portal” for users.

HD Quiz – Limit Attempts

HD Quiz does not handle user registration or management, it’s a quiz plugin 🙂

User registration and login should be handled by either your theme, or a dedicated user management plugin.

25 June 2023 — 12:52 support admin - Dylan

Is there any user management plugin which can be added to HD quiz ? Which supports it ? I tried using limit attempt by logged user but I couldn’t track anything I can access quiz only once not sure how to add users to access quiz again so i couldn’track results.could u provide any user management plugin which can be integrated to HD quiz to limit attempts ?

28 June 2023 — 06:47 thread author - Ragul

If you set the addon to Logged In Only mode then A) only logged in users will be able to take the quiz, and can obviously only be able to track attempts for logged in users.

If you already have users registered and logged in, then if a user has reached their limit, and you want to allow them to take quizzes again, there is actually a whole new section added directly to the user’s profile page (it’s pretty cool)!

Log into your site, go to Users and select the user you want to allow to retake quizzes. On their user page, there will be a new section called “HD Quiz: Limit Quiz Attempts” where you can see which quizzes they have taken and if they have reached their limit. You can also reset their counter for each quiz.

If you do not have a way for users to signup to your site or log in, then this next section might help.

Do not take these recommendations as an endorsement of any kind. I have not personally used any user registration or login plugins and cannot vouch for any.

User Registration – Custom Registration Form, Login Form And User Profile For WordPress
I have not used this plugin, but it has lots of active installs, good reviews, and looking at the code, it seems fairly lightweight compared to others.

User Registration – Custom Registration Form, Login Form And User Profile For WordPress

Using that plugin, you should be able to create a user registration form so that people can signup to your site, and it will allow you to create a login form as well.

The way the Limit Attempts addon works regarding users is that it DOESN’T CARE how the user was registered on your site. All that matters is that there is a currently logged-in user – so I can think of no reason why this (or any other user managment plugin) would not work well with the Limit Attempts addon.

30 June 2023 — 12:50 support admin - Dylan

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