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Hi, What rating plugin would you recommend with HD Quiz?…

Published: October 6, 2021
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What rating plugin would you recommend with HD Quiz? I’d like the users to rate my quizzes after taking them and I would also like to see the rating next to the quiz title (basically next to the post title).

I have tried quite a few plugins with and very often the short code option doesn’t work. Probably some incompatibility with the quiz code itself.


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thread author: Laurent

Hi Laurent,
I’m afraid I do not have a recommendation as it is not something I am very familiar with. I cannot think of any reason why HD Quiz would stop any of these from working though. HD Quiz is wrapped in its own little container so it should never be able to break anything else.

Just an idea, but what if you added the shortcodes to the Quiz Results so that a user can vote once the quiz has been completed? Could be a fun way to get engagement.

12 October 2021 — 10:16 support admin - Dylan

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