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Hi, First thank you for your excellent plugin. I have a p…

Published: November 7, 2021
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First thank you for your excellent plugin. I have a problem. Mobile users can’t see Highlight correct / incorrect selected answers on completion. But it’s ok on computer. Can you help me ?
Thank you !

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thread author: thibault

Hi thibault,
this would be an issue with your theme. If you can send me a link to one of your quizzes, I can take a look and send you some custom CSS that will force it to look nice with your theme

07 November 2021 — 10:22 support admin - Dylan

Hi Dylan,
Thank you for your fast answer and to offer help me. You can see a quiz here : https://pinkcorn.fr/quiz-hans-zimmer/

07 November 2021 — 12:34 thread author - thibault

Hi Dylan,
My community is disappointed to can’t see errors in quizzes. Do you custom some CSS ?

08 November 2021 — 18:09 thread author - Thibault

Hi Thibault,
I took a look and this is not an issue with HD Quiz – it’s the lightspeed cache plugin. It’s not grabbing all of the HD Quiz CSS. To fix all you have to do is clear your site cache which should force lightspeed to rebuild it (hopefully without errors this time). This is apparently a known issue with that plugin:


If rebuilding the cache does not fix it for you then I recommend adding the needed styles directly to your theme. Let me know if lightspeed is still broken for you and I’ll post the instructions on how to add the missing css.

08 November 2021 — 18:28 support admin - Dylan

Hi Dylan,
Thanks again for your help. I rebuilt the cache. The problem is resolved for computer. But it persists on mobile. Mobile users can’t see red/green answers. I can try to change cache plugin. Or I can use your instructions on how to add the missing css. It’s easy, if you have the CSS, I just have to custom CSS.

09 November 2021 — 04:57 thread author - Thibault

Dylan, I have the solution. In LiteSpeed Cache, we must not use ‘Combine CSS’. Problem solved ! Thanks for all !!! (sorry for my english)

09 November 2021 — 05:24 thread author - Thibault

No worries! Glad you got it sorted.

09 November 2021 — 10:30 support admin - Dylan

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