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Hi Dylan, my quiz settings (specifically the quiz pass te…

Published: July 3, 2021
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Hi Dylan, my quiz settings (specifically the quiz pass text and quiz fail text) disappear each time I exit the page and return (regardless of how many times I hit the save button before leaving). Also, I placed the quiz code in a sidebar text widget but nothing happens when I click the START QUIZ button on my wordpress website….

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thread author: Omo Ikazoboh

Hi Omo,
there is probably something on your site that is blocking the settings from saving – perhaps a server issue or a security plugin. Immediately after saving quiz settings, press F12 to open up your browser console (and make sure that “console” is selected) and let me know if there are any errors listed. Anything listed after “Init: HD Quiz Settings Page” is relevant – especially anything in red.

As for your sidebar issue, I’d need to see a link of it in action in order to help

03 July 2021 — 14:44 support admin - Dylan

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