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Hello, I just Upgraded and noticed that a the Time in a …

Published: May 16, 2020
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I just Upgraded and noticed that a the Time in a Timed Test that i placed in a Popup Modal is no longer showing on the Quiz. It now shows behind the OVERLAY of the popup modal. What Could be cause. See page here https://1kcontest.com/african-political-history-quiz/

Secondly, I am unable to upload images for both Questions or Answers within the Quiz since after upgrade. Any reason why?

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thread author: William Uba

Hi william,
for the first – there is an easy solution. In web dev, there is a property for elements called z-index. Elements that are “far behind” have a low value, and elements “closer to the user” have a high number and will show on top. Your popup model has a z-index value of 1999999999 -> which is insanely high. So we need to set the timer to a higher value than your popup.

Add the following CSS to your theme’s style.css and the timer will appear on top of your popup.

.hdq_timer {z-index: 99999999 !important}.

For the second, I’m not really sure! You’re the first to report an issue with it so far and the way image uploading works hasn’t changed from the last. Try clearing your browser cache to make sure any old logic is flushed out and try again. You can also try to use the browser console to check for any errors. This can be accessed on most browsers by pressing F12 on your keyboard. Once the console is open, try to add an image and see if any errors or messages appear in the console and let me know!

16 May 2020 — 11:50 support admin - Dylan

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