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Hello Admin, I need your Help, i want to know the name …

Published: July 31, 2020
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Hello Admin,

I need your Help, i want to know the name of database or table where your Plugin Store all quiz data. i want to edit this information from database. and one more thing i also need to re setting my quiz settings. but when i add more then 50+ questions the “Quiz Settings” was disable 🙁 , how to view this settings, please help me to resolve this error.

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thread author: Prashant Dangare

Hi Prashant,
HD Quiz uses native WordPress functions for pretty much everything – this is what allows it to be so secure and compatible across various themes and plugins.

Quizzes and questions are stored as WordPress taxonomies and custom post types respectively – so they are stored in the same place that regular categories and posts are stored – wp_posts and wp_postmeta for questions, and wp_term_taxonomy and wp_terms for quizzes.

Please see here for the official WP Table chart:


31 July 2020 — 09:55 support admin - Dylan

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