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Published: May 16, 2024
Support status: closed

Will you be offering different question types in the near future, such as fill in the blank, number answer, and drop down items? Also, is it possible to have the results of a quiz sent to a specific user (such as the case of a teacher receiving the results of their students’ quizzes)? Thanks. Manny

thread author: Manny

Hi Manny,
there is already a text based answer question type that can be used as a sort of “fill in the blank” question type. You can also use this to accept numbers as well.

As for emails, yes! The Save Results Pro addon allows you to create a custom form to the start or end of a quiz where you can request additional information from your students such as their name, who their teacher is, their grade, etc.

The addon also has an email module where it will email you (the site owner), the student (the quiz taker), or both.

The only problem is if you have multiple teachers, HD Quiz will need a way to know which teacher to send the email too. As long as you have a way to do this, if you buy the addon, I can create a custom function for you that will send the emails to the correct teacher. I’d need more information on your site and how teachers/students are handled though, so please do not purchase until we talk about this further.

Save Results Pro

16 May 2024 — 10:51 support admin - Dylan

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