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  • Last updated: April 5, 2024
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Sometimes you want to alert your WordPress users to a new change, update, or important piece of information. Luckily, WordPress has a built-in way to do this called Admin Notices. The admin_notice action will add custom content to the top of the page and comes with its own native styles ready for use. This allows for a consistent look across WordPress plugins and themes and is what this generator uses. However, feel free to add your own styles and CSS if you want to make the notices look unique.

This tool will help you create the basic code to create your own admin notifications for use in WordPress plugins and themes. You can also use this to create dismissible notifications, but additional work is required on your end for this admin notification type.

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Choose the best type of notification for your use case.

If dismissible, a close icon will appear on the top right. You will need to save the fact that the user dismissed the notification so that you don’t keep showing it. I recommend creating an option update_option("my_option_name", "option_value"); for this. If option exists, show notification. If user dismisses the notification, delete the option (note: you will need JS to know when the notice was dismissed).

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