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UD Results still empty

Published: October 12, 2023
Support status: closed

I installed and activated Results but I do not see any results of my quizzes appearing on the table which remains empty. Is there a setting to activate to save the results?

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thread author: Jean-Luc

Hi Jean-Luc,
Can you provide a link to a quiz? I can take a look and let you know what’s needed

12 October 2023 β€” 09:23 support admin - Dylan

Hi Jean-Luc,
I found a quiz on your site!

I see two possible issues.

The first is that I think the only question you are asking is “Indiquez votre nom et prΓ©mon” (what is your full name), but you are using HDForms. HDForms is only needed if you need more than the default fields, but asking for the quiz taker’s name is already built in.

Unless you are already using HDForms for something, I recommend removing the HDForms form and instead only filling out the “Label for Name”. This will make things less complex. It also has better integration with users already logged into your site.

The second issue is on my side I think. I see you are using the free Limit Attempts addon, and using it in Hybrid mode. For some reason, the code to figure out if the current user is logged is failing on your site. I’ll look into this today and push out a fix!

12 October 2023 β€” 12:34 support admin - Dylan

Hi Dylan,
Thank you very much for your answer !
I looked at the HD Form settings but I didn’t find what you recommended…
However, I changed from hybrid mode to All User mode and it works now πŸ˜‰
Thanks for your help !

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12 October 2023 β€” 16:21 thread author - Jean-Luc

Sorry but this doesn’t actually work…
I gave my students the quiz and I don’t see their results. They are not connected to my site. However, I had them fill out the first name field. Thank you for telling me how to do it ?

17 October 2023 β€” 03:44 thread author - Jean-Luc

The following two steps should almost guarantee getting this working for you.

Step 1. Deactivate and delete the Limit Attempts Addon and then reinstall it as normal. This will ensure that you have the latest modified version from the repository.

Step 2. clear your site cache. I see you are using LightSpeed, so if you go to the “Toolbox” page and select “Purge All”, this will force LightSpeed to rebuild your site cache.

17 October 2023 β€” 13:32 support admin - Dylan

I followed the actions you recommended and it still doesn’t work. I took a questionnaire and it does not appear in the results and I had my wife answer it on her computer and I do not see her result. Thanks for your help !

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18 October 2023 β€” 12:53 thread author - Jean-Luc

Just to confirm,
it works if you’re logged in, but doesn’t work if the user is not logged in

18 October 2023 β€” 12:57 support admin - Dylan

My wife was not connected and no results, I am connected as administrator and no results too…

18 October 2023 β€” 13:10 thread author - Jean-Luc

I just sent a test result, and your site thinks that everything worked OK. No errors or anything. Can you check your results and confirm?

18 October 2023 β€” 13:16 support admin - Dylan

UPDATE: You are using the scoreboard, and I can see that my test result saved!

This means that I’m pretty sure that everything is now working OK. You probably just need to clear your browser cache as well. Apple in particular (if you’re using an Apple device) is very aggressive with keeping old caches.

Also, I see that your site is styling the scoreboard table and overwriting the HD Quiz default styles. let me know if you’d like me to provide you with some custom CSS to make that table look nicer on your site

18 October 2023 β€” 13:20 support admin - Dylan

No, it doesn’t work perfectly yet. Yes, I use Apple. I cleaned the cache well. I can clearly see the results for me and your TEST but as soon as an unconnected user uses my Quiz I do not see their result. In addition, I do not see the results for the “Eval. Formation” Quiz. There are open text fields. Could that be the problem?
I uninstalled “Limit Attempts” for ease. Thank you again for your help.

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19 October 2023 β€” 12:37 thread author - Jean-Luc

I was not logged into your site when I did the test – I don’t even have login access to your site πŸ™‚

I also just did some tests with your Eval Formation quiz and was able to get the results to submit – but only if I removed one of your questions.

If I remove #5. Une suggestion d’amΓ©lioration ? it works. Taking a look at that question, I think I see the problem. Your answers are empty. You need to have some correct answers listed for that question in order for it to work.

(note: feel free to delete the test results I submitted so that they do not appear on your scoreboard)

19 October 2023 β€” 12:47 support admin - Dylan

Great ! It works πŸ˜‰
Thanks a lot for your help !

19 October 2023 β€” 13:32 thread author - Jean-Luc

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