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There is no user information being saved

Published: May 24, 2023
Support status: closed

There is no user information from date ! Where did it disappear??? – screenshot

thread author: Yury.

Hi Yury,
I can’t better help without more information such as what settings you are using and a link to a quiz so I can take a look. However, here are some things to look at.

First, the Save Results Pro addon saves user information in three different ways.

Logged in

If the quiz taker is logged into your site, the addon will use their user profile
Looking at your screenshot, what might be happening is that you were logged into the site when testing, so the addon was able to get your information. Then the other results are missing user data because they were not logged in.

Built-in form

Under the Results Settings, Form tab, you can setup a basic form that asks users for their name and email address. See attached screenshot. This is used if you need to capture data from users who are not logged into your site.


If you need to get more advanced information from your user, you can use the free HDForms plugin to create a custom form

If you are sure that you have the above correctly setup, but that information is still not being saved, then the next most likely cause is a corrupt page cache. If you are using a page caching solution, I recommend clearing your site cache so that whatever caching solution you have can rebuild fresh.

24 May 2023 — 12:29 support admin - Dylan

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