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sending email doesn’t work

Published: October 15, 2023
Support status: closed

if I try to enter the name and email as the sender of the email reception in settings–>email, I receive nothing.

If I leave it blank I receive emails from [email protected]

I have activated “Send results to the quiz taker” and “Send full Expanded Results in email”

How can I do?

Best regards

thread author: Elena

Hi Elena,
sorry that you are having this issue!

[email protected] is the default email address that WordPress uses to send ALL emails from.

Assuming that the emails are not in your spam folder, this likely means that something on your site is either already hooking into how WordPress sends emails from your site, or there could perhaps be a permissions issue with your site/server and sending emails from custom address.

I’ll look into a way to better detect issues like this in the future so that you aren’t left guessing what the problem could be.

In the meantime, you can try installing something like WP Mail (which is free!)

With that plugin, you can override the email and name that WordPress uses to send emails from that plugin’s “general” settings page. I highly recommend using this plugin (I use it myself here on this site!).

15 October 2023 — 14:52 support admin - Dylan

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