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Remove Duplicate Info on Email

Published: April 23, 2024
Support status: closed

Hi there,

We are needing to have the duplicate info removed from the email that is generated.

We’d like the quiz taker and email section highlighted in red to be removed as the info is doubled up – I have included a screenshot in the site link section which indicates in red which info I am referring to.

Please let me know if you need any additional info.

Thanks in advance!

thread author: Tyrone

Hi Tyrone,
thanks for the screenshot.

Before I get into solutions, I want to verify something.

That result, you had the basic form attached to the quiz, AND you were logged in at the time you took the quiz? If so, will your users also be logged in when they take the quiz?

24 April 2024 — 12:35 support admin - Dylan

Hey Dylan,

Thanks for getting back to me, I took the quiz using a separate browser to the one I had used to setup the quiz so I was not logged in.

The users will not be logged in when taking the quiz, we have setup the quiz to capture their name, surname and email address.

Please let me know if you need any other info – thanks!

25 April 2024 — 23:05 thread author - Tyrone

Ok, we’re on the same page now.

I’ll start with the bad news.

There is no way to do what you are looking for.

HOWEVER, I can add one in 🙂

I can add in something called filters to the individual email parts. Using a filter you can add some custom code to your site to overwrite the content of that filter (in your case, you’d want to return nothing, just blank, for the user section of the email).

As long as you are comfortable adding some small code to your site, I can add this in either later today or this weekend.

26 April 2024 — 10:48 support admin - Dylan

Hey Dylan,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Happy to add some code to the site, we would appreciate your guidance as to where this would need to be included.

The most important part for us is that the info I have highlighted does not show at all, not the Quiz Taker or email (both titles and content) cannot be displayed.

This has been specifically requested to us by our client, please let me know if you have any questions or need any other information.

Thank you again and chat soon!

28 April 2024 — 22:45 thread author - Tyrone

Hi again Tyrone,
I’ve just pushed out a new update for the addon. You will get the upgrade notice within the next week (the scheduler checks for updates once a week, so you may get the notice today, or a week from now), but you can add the following to your themes functions.php to force the recheck.



Add that to the functions.php, load the plugins page, then make sure to delete that line so that it doesn’t check on every page load!

Once updated, I have added several new filters. First, take a look at this screenshot.

View post on

You can see how the sections are divided with the above image.

The new filters are:

  • hdq_srp_results_heading
  • hdq_srp_results_user
  • hdq_srp_results_form
  • hdq_srp_results_results
  • hdq_srp_results_questions

Allowing you to change the content of each of those sections however you need.

In your case, you want to remove the User section of the results. So adding the following code to your theme’s functions.php file will do just that.

add_filter("hdq_srp_results_user", function($html, $source){
    return "";
}, 10, 2);

Each filter takes two arguments. $html, and $source. $html is the content you want returned (in the above code, we return nothing), and $source is for where the content is to be printed (“expanded”, “email”). This allows you to check the source so that you can customize the content separately for the expanded results or emails if needed.

29 April 2024 — 14:57 support admin - Dylan

Dylan, you’re an absolute legend – thank you for this!

I see the update has come through, I will run through your instructions and let you know if we need anything else.

Thank you again, your assistance here is greatly appreciated.

29 April 2024 — 23:43 thread author - Tyrone

Hi Dylan,

I’ve run into an issue – I updated the plugin, updated with the code snippet you provided and then uploaded the functions.php but after running a test submission the user section still appears in the email.

I have included a screenshot (

View post on

) of the updated functions.php for your reference – please let me know if you need anything else in order to resolve this.

Thanks again – appreciate your assistance here.

30 April 2024 — 01:29 thread author - Tyrone

Is it removed from the expanded results? (when you hover over a result and select “view full record”)

01 May 2024 — 11:30 support admin - Dylan

Hey Dylan, I can confirm it is still showing in the expanded results.

Let me know if you need anything else in the meantime.
Thanks for your help so far.

02 May 2024 — 00:48 thread author - Tyrone

Hey Dylan,

Just checking in to see if there are any updates regarding this?

Please let me know if you need any other info in the meantime.


03 May 2024 — 04:36 thread author - Tyrone

Hmmm.. it should be working.

A) are you 100% sure that the filter function has been added to your active theme’s functions.php file? It’s possible that whatever file you added the function to is not being loaded by your theme.

B) Perhaps your download was cached, and you are still using an older version? You can manually download the latest version from your account page.

03 May 2024 — 19:27 support admin - Dylan

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for getting back to me and yes I can confirm the active theme’s functions.php file has been updated with the filter.

I’ve just submitted another test and it’s still showing the additional lines.

Please let me know what the possible solutions are here.

Thanks again and chat soon!

07 May 2024 — 22:50 thread author - Tyrone

This is wild; I don’t know why this filter wouldn’t work for you!

Before I lose my mind debugging everything, can you please confirm that we are even talking about the same section?

View post on

The filter code I provided and you added is for the second red box labelled user.

Here is a before and after of the “view full record”

View post on

I just want to confirm that we are talking about the same thing, and you weren’t expecting this one filter to also remove “form” section (you’d have to add another filter for that section that I labelled in previous response)

08 May 2024 — 12:17 support admin - Dylan

Hey Dylan,

Thank you for getting back to me – to confirm we are on the same page regarding which section of information we’d like omitted.

I have double checked and we have updated the functions.php file for our active theme.

The I re-uploaded the functions file in the hopes that would do the trick but the results are still returning with the user data.

Please let me know if you’d like to jump on a remote session or need any other info.

Thanks again – really appreciate your assistance here.

08 May 2024 — 23:14 thread author - Tyrone

I’ve just sent you an email 🙂

09 May 2024 — 15:58 support admin - Dylan

Just had a call with Dylan – turns out I had not updated the plugin to the latest version.

All sorted and everything is working perfectly.

Thanks Dylan, appreciate the assistance!

15 May 2024 — 10:17 thread author - Tyrone

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