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How to update the form?

Published: January 18, 2023
Support status: closed

Hi, my name is [redacted], I’ve spoken to you once or twice before.

I really need some urgent help if possible.

My client is [redacted] so the plugin will be registered in his name. I’m the developer.
I’ve had the HD quiz installed on his site for a while and it has The HD forms installed to capture names and emails.
I see its on version 1 and hasn’t been updated for a long time.
I really need to change the form urgently but it won’t let me update the form on the back end so I’m a bit lost what to do. The HD Quiz only seems to work with HD Forms (Unless I’m mistaken) Is there a way around this or can you advise another form I can maybe use?

thread author: Peter

Hi Peter, what does “it won’t let me update the form” mean? Are you getting an error or message? Are you able to create a new form?

18 January 2023 — 10:20 support admin - Dylan

Hi Dylan, I’m such a muppet, I was just clicking update on the form and didn’t realise I had to first click to the right of the form and then the button “Save Form” comes up.

One thing I cant seem to do is when I add a block to the form, I can’t seem to delete it or am I being a muppet again.

19 January 2023 — 06:03 thread author - Peter

Hi Dylan, thanks for your reply. Sorry should have explained better.,,At the moment the form is like this below, just has Name, age and email but the client really wants a phone number added in there.
But when I add a phone number or any other text box and try to update, nothing updates and it returns to the previous state.
I know theres a message saying “North American use only” but I can’t get any new box to go in there.
I’m using Mac OS 10.11.6 with wordpress 6.0.2

I’ve tried on different computers all with the same outcome. Any ideas

Thanks so much

19 January 2023 — 12:23 thread author - Peter

Haha, no worries! You’ll always be able to take back Manhattan.

To remove a block, first mouse-over it then select it.
Now on that block to the right you will see two new icons.
The first is the drag and drop the block to a new place, the second (will be red) is to delete the block (note, you will need to select the delete icon twice to confirm. This is to stop accidental clicks).

Since you are not in North America, I recommend just replacing your Phone block with a simple Text block instead. You can use the placeholder option to let your users know the best format for your numbers (example: (xxx) xxx xxxx)

19 January 2023 — 12:28 support admin - Dylan

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