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Help me translate these terms

Published: February 18, 2024
Support status: closed

Tried to translate some terms that appear in the final quizzes reports but couldn’t figure out how. I checked settings of the plugins (both of them) but nothing found related to these terms. Tried to localize the plugins language using “Loco Translate plugin” but not succeeded. See this screenshot for more clarification.

Please help!

Best Regards

thread author: Khaled

Hi Khaled,
I’m actually going through an internet outage where I’m staying at the moment, but I just wanted to let you know that getting these translations will be no problem.

What I’ll do is make an update to the plugin to add a new filter to allow for translating some of the admin stuff.

The way this will work is A) I will make an update to the addon, and then B) I will send you custom code that you can add to your site to update the text.

I should be able to do this within the next 24 hours.

18 February 2024 — 18:59 support admin - Dylan

Hello Dylan,
Sorry for disturbing you in your “internet outage” vacation. Regarding the issue, it will be easier for users to be able to localize the plugin through out one of these translation plugins by just modifying or adding a language [.PO or .MO] one. In this way the enhancements will be permanent and will not be affected in future updates. Besides, I am not sure if the solution you suggested will also be reflected on the result report a quiz taker will receive in his email.
Anyhow, I will be just here for you.
Wish you great moments,

18 February 2024 — 23:13 thread author - Khaled

Appreciate it Khaled!

I just sent you an email (please check spam folder) with a new version of the addon for you to use. If it works well for you, I can push it out to everyone.

Translating plugins is a surprisingly complicated issue, mainly for the reason that once a plugin becomes “translation ready”, I need to be extremely confident in the language I choose to use, as if I change my mind to reword something, it can break people’s custom translations. Because of this, not even the main HD Quiz plugin is translation ready (but the eventual 2.0 release will be, and will even include several languages by default thanks to many amazing volunteers).

This new version of the addon makes several parts translation ready, so the main strings should appear in Loco Translate for you now. Not everything is translatable, but most of the important parts should be!

20 February 2024 — 00:28 support admin - Dylan

Hi, Dylan
I have installed the new update 1.4.9, and found out that it’s now supporting localization with the help of loco plugin.
I found 25 strings that could be translated. Give me some time to complete translation into Arabic and will come back with my impressions and thoughts about the update. Initially, in my opinion, it’s a wonderful curve in the life of the plugin. Thanks for your efforts to improve these amazing tools.

wish you all the best

20 February 2024 — 14:01 thread author - Khaled

Finished translating all 25 strings found but noticed that nothing reflected on results reports. Don’t know why?! I use loco translate in a local test site.
see attached screenshots

20 February 2024 — 14:18 thread author - Khaled

Does it work for new results saved?

The translations should work for the table, expanded results, and the emails.

21 February 2024 — 05:12 support admin - Dylan

Does it work for new results saved?
Unfortunately, no.

I took a new quiz to see if the strings will appear translated but nothing is reflected.

Further more, when trying to print result report it general style doesn’t support rtl alignment.
It would be a nice touch to include this feature in the future updates.

21 February 2024 — 15:10 thread author - Khaled

You used Loco to translate to arabic right? Are you sure that your user profile language is currently set to that?

Also the RTL for print view is a good idea. I’ll for sure add that as a new option.

21 February 2024 — 15:37 support admin - Dylan

You used Loco to translate to arabic right?

Are you sure that your user profile language is currently set to that?

see this screen shot

Do you want me to send you the loco Arabic file to try at your end and figure out what’s missing?

21 February 2024 — 16:15 thread author - Khaled

That would be great! I can use it to verify everything and debug if needed.

21 February 2024 — 16:24 support admin - Dylan


I just spend 40 minutes banging my head against a wall trying to figure this out. And then I realized that I simply forgot to actually load the translations in!

I’ve just sent you an update with the corrected version.

21 February 2024 — 20:28 support admin - Dylan

works great except some for few strings still in English. Besides, the RTL issue still not fixed for printing.

In the future you may consider adding ability for quiz taker to download a pdf doc including detailed report at the end of the quiz and the feature assigned to specific role.

Thanks for your time and effort to improve this valuable tool.

22 February 2024 — 04:27 thread author - Khaled

Haven’t heard from you since a while. Hope you are enjoying your time.


29 February 2024 — 18:14 thread author - Khaled

Hi Khaled,
some text simply cannot be easily translated without more work, but I’ll keep chipping away at it.

The biggest change for the next release for you will be a new option under the Email tab (not the best place for it, but I don’t want to create a whole new settings tab just for one setting) to enable RTL. This would affect the individual results view as well as the custom print view and emails.

I just landed back in Canada last night, so most of today and this weekend will be recovery time (it was basically a 30 hour trip!). I’ll be able to push out another update early next week though, with the new RTL feature and (hopefully) some extra translatable strings.

01 March 2024 — 10:29 support admin - Dylan

Great to hear that. Take your time, i am not in hurry. I can even wait for the official update release.


01 March 2024 — 16:08 thread author - Khaled

Just letting you know that I pushed out the update.

Your site will check for updates once a week, so you will get the notification to update sometime in the next 7 days. Hopefully sooner of course 🙂

11 March 2024 — 14:46 support admin - Dylan

Tried to update, but it says, “..update package not available”.


12 March 2024 — 02:14 thread author - Khaled

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