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HDForms integration

Published: September 30, 2023
Support status: closed


PHP 8.1.10
Wordpress 6.3.1
Active theme -> Elementor 3.16.4 & Elementor Pro 3.16.2
HD Quiz 1.8.9
QD Quiz – save results pro 1.4.7
HDForms 1.2

when I don’t use the integration with hdform the emails are sent correctly and the result record is added in the results section, while if I use the integration, the quiz behaves as expected, but the emails are not sent and the record is not recorded in the results section. Thank you

thread author: Riccardo

Hi Riccardo,
can you tell me if you are using the following features/settings.

  1. Form position. Before quiz, or before results.
  2. Quiz timer
  3. What fields are you using with HDForms

If I can replicate the issue on my end, I can push out an update for you today

30 September 2023 — 10:38 support admin - Dylan
  1. Before quiz
  2. No
  3. “Text” for name and for phone number, “Email input” for email, and “Radio” for a choice between 2 options (to subscribe or not to a newsletter)

Thank you very much!

30 September 2023 — 11:04 thread author - Riccardo

Thank you for your quick response Riccardo!

So far I’ve been unable to replicate the issue on my end. I’ve tried every variance of quiz settings and results settings I can think of, but all works – so this is an interesting one!

Would it be possible for you to show me a link to a quiz using HDForms? I think that being able to see how everything is set up and connected on your actual site would be the best way for me to track this down.

30 September 2023 — 11:48 support admin - Dylan
30 September 2023 — 13:43 thread author - Riccardo

Thanks for the link, I am now at least able to somewhat narrow down where the issue could be happening for you. (side note: love the way the quiz looks on your site!)

Here is what I know so far.

  1. The addon is able to correctly grab all the quiz data and answers
  2. The error happens once the data gets submitted to your server.
  3. Not using the HDForms and just using the default form allows everything to save. This means that the issue is likely NOT related to any character encoding issues.

The problem is that your server is only returning a 500 error code, which basically means that your server is saying “there was an error” but nothing more.

If you have access to, and are comfortable, it would be useful if you could temporarily enable WP_DEBUG on your site. With this, hopefully your site will spit out a useful error message instead of a generic 500 error. You can see how to enable WP_DEBUG here.

Once enabled, just let me know and I can take a look again. Or, if you don’t want to leave it enabled for long, then you can do the following to test.

Load up a page with the quiz and press either F12 on your keyboard or CRTL + SHIFT + i. This will open up your browser console. From here, just make sure that console is the selected tab so that we can see any messages or errors.

View post on

Now complete the form and fill out the quiz. Hopefully, instead of a generic admin-ajax error 500 message, we will see something specific.

In the meantime, I’ll recreate your quiz setup on my side and see if I can figure out what could possibly be causing this issue for you.

30 September 2023 — 13:59 support admin - Dylan

Ok, I’ve just enable wp_debug, thank you

30 September 2023 — 14:59 thread author - Riccardo

Good news!

I believe I tracked down the error. If I’m correct, this error only occurs when using PHP8.1.x, so an extra thank you for posting your exact configuration in your initial post.

I have updated the download file. If you view your original order page or the original email that was sent, you can download the new version to replace the existing. This should fix it for you.

30 September 2023 — 15:23 support admin - Dylan

Thank you for the fast answer, I tried, but the issue persist.

I downloaded the new version of HD Quiz – save results pro and installed it replacing the existing one.
The version number is still 1.4.7, that’s correct?

I also tried to delete and recreate the custom form with hdforms and setup it on hdquiz.

Without HDforms integration it works well as usual.

WP_DEBUG is still activated.

Thank you very much,

30 September 2023 — 16:31 thread author - Riccardo

It’s probably just my own server caching the zip since I used the same filename and path (rookie mistake on my part – so sorry about that!).

I’ve renamed the zip So if you use the same URL as before, except change the filename to instead of this should avoid any caching issues on my end.

30 September 2023 — 17:44 support admin - Dylan

I just tried again as suggested, I’ve replaced the old one and the problem persists the same way.
Now i set only name (text type) and email address (email type) fields with hdforms.

01 October 2023 — 00:03 thread author - Riccardo

Hi Riccardo,
just letting you know that I sent you an email yesterday

02 October 2023 — 13:21 support admin - Dylan

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