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Exam results does not appear

Published: May 20, 2024
Support status: closed

Many users who are taking exams, when they finish their exams, the results are not registed. We have detected that this happens when the response time for a question runs out, instead of taking that answer as incorrect, the results of the entire exam are lost, the confirmation never arrives by email and the results don´t appear in the results section of the plugin.

I need your help again, I hope you can contact me as soon as posible, because I my running a evaluation season and I’m having this trouble. Thanks in advance

Please send me a Whatsapp message to try to fix this issue at soon as posible.

<redacted by admin>

thread author: Gerardo

Hi Gerardo,
I just did a quick test on my end and the results are still correctly saved even if the quiz timer ends before the user can finish. Are you using the timer for the whole quiz, or per question?

21 May 2024 — 12:23 support admin - Dylan

For the whole quiz

22 May 2024 — 13:10 thread author - Gerardo

Are you able to provide me with a link to one of the quizzes?

22 May 2024 — 13:20 support admin - Dylan
22 May 2024 — 14:40 thread author - Gerardo

Here is what I’m able to determine so far.

  • The issue is not related to the timer.
  • Issue is caused when any of your questions are left unanswered.
  • This is not normal behaviour. Blank questions are totally OK, and I’m unable to replicate this on any level on my end.
  • I am, however, able to replicate on your end.
  • The issue is that something is causing an internal server error, specifically when an answer is left blank. It’s impossible for me to know what this is without more information.

Next steps

  • First, please confirm you are using the latest version of the addon 1.5.1. You can also manually download from your account page.
  • Second, modify your wp-config.php file (located in the root directory of your WordPress install), and add the following above the line “That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing.”.

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true ); define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true ); @ini_set( 'display_errors', 0 );

This should only be a temporary change, so remember to delete that after we’re done. What it will do is cause your server to log errors (such as internal errors) to a log file, which we can use to track down the issue.

22 May 2024 — 15:26 support admin - Dylan

I already make the change on the wp-config.php file and the verion of the addon is 1.5.1

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22 May 2024 — 15:50 thread author - Gerardo

Thanks, I think I got what I need, you should be OK to remove that line from the wp-config.php now.

I don’t know where your debug.log file is located, but I was able to at least see where the error is originating from. It looks like a PHP compatibility issue.

What version of PHP are you currently using? I’m pretty sure I can get a solution to you soon, but want to be able to verify it on my end first.

22 May 2024 — 16:03 support admin - Dylan

I haven’t heard back from you, so just know that you can download the latest version from your account page (I didn’t do a version bump though, so it will still appear as 1.5.1).

I made a small change checking for the PHP 8.x branch and the use of array_map that should fix this on your site.

22 May 2024 — 18:01 support admin - Dylan

My apologies, I was on meetings all the day. The current version of PHP is 8.1

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I will download the lates version. ¿Do you thing that with this solution the issue is fixed? ¿o tengo que hacer algo mas?

23 May 2024 — 02:21 thread author - Gerardo

I hope so. The fact that you are running PHP v8.x is a good sign that this update will work for you.

23 May 2024 — 12:33 support admin - Dylan

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