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Thanks for the great tool, I just started to use HD Quiz + HD Quiz Styler and it’s really easy to use, I like it.

Published: May 5, 2023
Support status: closed

I got some questions (not actual issues), hope it’s the right place to ask.

I would like to use the ”custom CSS” tool in HD Styler to :

– remove the ”Select all that apply” text that appears in case of multi-select answers

– about images that displays with the answers, maybe is it possible to find a way to be able to click on them to make them fullscreen / larger? in another window or in the same

– differently style the colors for borders in case of wrong answers

Do you have hints on how to achieve those requirements (if possible) ?

Thanks again for the great tool !

Have a nice day


thread author: Fabian

Hi Fabian,
Your first and last questions are no problem. Unfortunately, having the images that are attached to answers load in a lightbox on click is not possible.

Add the following CSS to the “custom CSS” section.

.hdq_answers > p { display: none; }
.hdq_wrong { border-color: #000000 !important; }

That will hide the “select all that apply” text and it will change the border colour of incorrect answers to black. Change #000000 to the HEX code for whatever colour you wish to use instead of black.

05 May 2023 — 12:40 support admin - Dylan

HI Dylan,

Thanks a lot for your quick and helpful answer !

Have a nice day,

06 May 2023 — 09:28 thread author - Fabian

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