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refund policy

Published: April 11, 2024
Support status: open

Hi, I bought the styler add on but it does not do what I was looking for. What is your refund policy please?

thread author: CAROLE

Hi Carole,
officially, as per the agreement during purchase, there is no refund policy. This is because WordPress is an open source platform. Once you have the plugin, it’s yours, there is nothing I can do to rescind that (as in if I refunded you, there is nothing stopping you from just continuing to use the plugin).

I added in the custom CSS section for this very reason. If there is something you need changed that the styler addon does not explicitly allow, you can ask me here and as long as it’s possible, I can send you custom code that you can add to that section to get what you are looking for. If your request cannot be reasonably met, I can offer a refund for you.

12 April 2024 — 00:04 support admin - Dylan

Ah thank you. It’s ok. It’s not a big expense and you are doing such an amazing work already. I am going to look more into it.

12 April 2024 — 17:27 thread author - CAROLE

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