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License key not working

Published: September 6, 2023
Support status: closed

I’ve just purchased the HD quiz styler add-on. However, I can’t activate it because the license key isn’t working.

thread author: Julie

Problem solved. It was caused by an under-construction plugin. After disabling the plugin, the license key worked.

06 September 2023 — 14:49 thread author - Julie

Hi Julie,
first; thank you for your purchase!

Before we get too deep into debugging, can you please confirm the following?

  1. The domain you are trying to activate on is the same you set when purchasing. As an example, if your domain is domain.com, then the license will activate on that domain only. It will not activate on any subdomains such as dev.domain.com.

  2. Make sure you are adding in the license key exactly. Sometimes when you copy/paste, you can accidentally copy an extra character, such as having an extra space at the start or end.

EDIT: Haha, you responded just before I did. Glad you got it working!

06 September 2023 — 14:52 support admin - Dylan

Thanks very much. I should have realised!

06 September 2023 — 14:56 thread author - Julie

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