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hdq wrong dashed red

Published: April 6, 2024
Support status: closed


I purchased the Quiz Styler plugin in the hope I could change some of the things I like. What I can’t figure out is to change the .hdq_wrong property from 4px dashed red to 4px solid red. Please advice or please add this to the styler plugin so we can manage it ourselves. Thanks!

  • Paul
thread author: Dylan

Hi Paul,
I’ll move this thread over to the Quiz Styler forum next week, but leave it here to make it easier for you to see/find.

Add the following CSS code to the addons’ “Custom CSS” section.

.hdq_quiz_wrapper .hdq_wrong {4px solid red !important;}

HOWEVER, please note that I strongly recommend against this. It is dashed for a reason — that reason being accessibility.

Red/Green colour blindness (Deuteranomaly) is the most common form, so it is important to distinguish a correct answer from an incorrect answer with something other than colour — in our case, the shape of the border.

  • incorrect ⇾ dashed border
  • correct not selected ⇾ solid bottom border
  • correct ⇾ solid border

So if you REALLY hate the dashed border from incorrect answers, then perhaps changing the incorrect colour to blue will make things easier. The blue being used on your site is #000099, so consider changing red in the above code to #000099. Just note that green/blue colour blindness is also a thing, but I think it is at least rarer than red/green.

Sidenote: We have very similar tastes in movies 🙂

06 April 2024 — 12:50 support admin - Dylan

Thank you, Dylan! This works just great. “Problem” solved. And makes sense what you say, so I just selected different colors for the correct and incorrect answers.

And great to read! 🙂

06 April 2024 — 14:45 Paul

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