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color of the question changing when selected?

Published: June 1, 2024
Support status: closed

Hi, can I change the color of the question or the color of the toggle when someone selects an answer? My goal is to make it clearer that they chose it/it worked because I had some feedback saying people are not sure sometimes… thank you in advance

thread author: CAROLE

Hi Carole,
looking at your site, I think the following CSS (add to the custom css section of the styler) will fit your needs well.

.hdq_quiz .hdq-options-check input[type="checkbox"]:checked + .hdq_toggle:before {background: #72a0c4 !important}.

You can, of course, change #72a0c4 to a different colour value if you want.

02 June 2024 — 11:58 support admin - Dylan

Perfect! Thank you very much!

03 June 2024 — 22:00 thread author - CAROLE

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