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We are using about 16 quizzes on our website for a cou…

Published: November 3, 2018
Support status: closed

We are using about 16 quizzes on our website for a couple of years without any problems. But since the last update, we got complaints from our customers that the quizzes are not working anymore. I don’t know what to do to fix this, I really don’t want to recreate all those quizzes! Not happy!

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thread author: Miriam

Hello Miriam,Can you please provide any information? Like, what the issues are, and provide a link? I’m sure we can get you a quick fix

03 November 2018 — 14:05 support admin - Dylan

Most of the issues, I solved myself already, the only real problem is still on the following page: https://www.fitdogprogram.c…. Question 2 and 3 are picture-based questions. On the WordPress back side, this looks okay, but the pictures don’t display on the live page.Edit: this holds for question 2. In question 3, the pictures have also disappeared at the WP back-side :-(.

03 November 2018 — 14:20 thread author - Miriam

Hi Miriam,It’s probably because of the file-size from the original image. As a quick test, can you try to reselect the same image (the original image should still be in your library), and update the question?

1) edit the question.2) click on one of the errant images to open up the WordPress library3) select a new image, or find the existing one in the library4) save the question

Please let me know if the above works for you.

03 November 2018 — 14:26 support admin - Dylan

Tried this with question 2, with all 4 pictures. Does not solve the issue unfortunately. The first picture is for instance 993×1024 (142KB). For question 3, I don’t remember anymore which pictures I used out of our big library…. And those have disappeared from the WP back-end, so I cannot check this anymore.

03 November 2018 — 14:37 thread author - Miriam

That’s fine, those picture sizes are OK. Looking further at the quiz you posted, I see something strange. The issue isn’t that images aren’t showing, it’s that the function that displays image answers isn’t returning anything at all!

1) What version of WordPress are you using?2) It’s ok if you’re not, but would you be willing to grant me temporary access to the site so I can debug that function?3) If you’re not comfortable granting me access, are you able / willing to edit plugin files to add a line of code?

03 November 2018 — 14:43 support admin - Dylan

We are using WP 4.9.8. We use a technical administrator for our website, he takes care of all technical stuff and updating everything. We are content-people, not technical people. I will discuss with our technical administrator whether he can help out here.

03 November 2018 — 15:05 thread author - Miriam

I understand. Your admin can contact me directly at dylan [] harmonicdesign.ca, replacing [] with @ (sorry, I don’t want spam bots!). I’m sure we can get this fixed for you quickly.

03 November 2018 — 15:11 support admin - Dylan

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