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Uploaded CSV successfully but questions missing

Published: October 25, 2023
Support status: closed

I uploaded a CSV file with 264 question. received the message that 264 have been uploaded successfully but am not able to find questions. Even these are not available in bulk modify questions, Please help. link of uploaded csv file is given.

thread author: Sandeep

Hi Sandeep,
your Google drive has restricted access so I cannot download. Can you please upload to a different place and I can take a look. You can also consider adding to https://pastes.io (just set Paste Status to Unlisted first)

25 October 2023 — 11:37 support admin - Dylan

Sorry, Now editor right has been given on drive. please use the link

26 October 2023 — 06:19 thread author - Sandeep

Thanks for the update.

The issue is that your CSV is improperly formatted. Luckily, it’s an easy fix.

If you were to open your CSV in Excel or Google Sheets or something, you will see the problem. You only have one column. You have all of your separate “columns” inside of the first column.

How a line should be formatted

data 1,data 2,data 3,data 4,data 5 etc

How yours is formatted
"data 1,data 2,data 3,data 4,data 5".

The problem is the existence of those surrounding quotes ". Those quotes mean “ignore any formatting inside here and treat this whole thing as one column”.

So all you have to do to fix is open your CSV in a text editor of your choice, and remove those extra quotes.

26 October 2023 — 15:34 support admin - Dylan


Thanks. Can you help in fixing this issue by putting in the right format only in the first row as I have given the editor right.

Thanks for your kind gesture.

27 October 2023 — 00:01 thread author - Sandeep

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for guidance. Now I have uploaded new CSV, now questions have been imported.

Thanks a lot.

27 October 2023 — 02:10 thread author - Sandeep

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