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Undefined property: WP_Error::$name in /wp-content/plug…

Published: August 31, 2021
Support status: closed

Undefined property: WP_Error::$name in /wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/template.php on line 47

Uninitialized string offset 0 in /wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/functions.php on line 700

I got the errors in my website. Please guide me

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thread author: rathin

Hi rathin,
Were you using HD Quiz before and are getting this message new, or are you a new user?

This message indicates that there is a significant issue somewhere on your site. Something on your site has changed or broken core WordPress functions that are required by many plugins and themes including HD Quiz.

In this case, the issue is that the default and core function get_term has a fatal error and is not returning data.

I cannot provide any further information without seeing a link to one of your quizzes, so the only advice I can give is to do the generic WordPress debug process. If you can provide a link, I can take a look and maybe get a better understanding of what is going on.

  1. Disable all plugins except HD Quiz. Check if it now works. If it works, then we know that the issue was caused by another plugin. Re-enable each plugin one-by-one to find the one causing the issue.
  2. Temporarily switch themes to see if there is a function in your theme causing the issue.
31 August 2021 — 10:31 support admin - Dylan

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