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This is the first time that I am checking out this awe…

Published: May 8, 2019
Support status: closed

This is the first time that I am checking out this awesome plugin. I wrote up 2 sets of quizzes and both sets are on the same page. Everything works fine with the first quiz but the second one, when you click on the answer the it will not display or the slider will not move. ere is the link. https://mobilebizbuzz.com/a…

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thread author: Rodney VanNortwick

Hi Rodney,because each quiz can have unique and independent quiz options (example: custom pass/fail percentage, different timers, etc), there is no way to accurately have two live quizzes on the same page; each quiz needs to be on its own page. I suggest placing each quiz on its own post/page and simply linking to them from the first/main page.

08 May 2019 — 18:30 support admin - Dylan

Thank you…fast response time, that’s great.

08 May 2019 — 18:44 thread author - Rodney VanNortwick

I just wish that I had an answer other than “it can’t be done” 🙁

08 May 2019 — 19:05 support admin - Dylan

If you are enjoying HD Quiz please leave a review here on the official WordPress.org page. HD Quiz is developed by me, just some dude, and is supported and available for free. It may seem dumb, but truly nothing makes me happier than knowing that people are using and loving HD Quiz and my hard work.

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