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The Quiz Settings seem to have vanished. I have checked o…

Published: March 25, 2023
Support status: closed

The Quiz Settings seem to have vanished. I have checked on both Chrome and Firefox browsers. Thank you for looking into this.

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thread author: S J Thomas

Hi S J Thomas,
can you please explain further. Are you referring to the About / Options page where you can configure things like translation settings, or do you mean the settings for each individual quiz where you can set things like the results pass or fail text.

If you cannot see the About / Options page, you will need to check the user permissions of your user account. You need to be an administrator (or equivalent) to access and see that page. If you have a user management plugin installed, make sure you have it correctly configured for your user type.

If you are talking about individual quiz settings, then this can be seen by going to HD Quiz, selecting your desired quiz, then selecting Quiz Settings. If this is not showing for you, then the only possibilities I can think of are that either A) someone edited your version of the plugin to remove or hide those settings on your site, or B) some other plugin or theme function is causing a error that is stopping HD Quiz from fully loading. Take a look at the Generic WordPress Debug steps to track this down: https://harmonicdesign.ca/generic-wordpress-debug-steps/

25 March 2023 — 19:06 support admin - Dylan

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