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Thank you for this plugin. Appreciated for the word done….

Published: March 9, 2022
Support status: closed

Thank you for this plugin. Appreciated for the word done.
There is an problem I am facing which uploading questions from CSV file. Only able to upload a single question remaining questions are not getting uploaded.
Thanks in advance.

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thread author: Manoj Kumar

Hi Manoj,
have you tried with the example CSV file, or just with your own?

09 March 2022 — 14:21 support admin - Dylan

I have tried with the sample CSV file also, and also checked the format as well as other parameters but also it was not helpfull

09 March 2022 — 14:54 thread author - Manoj Kumar

Unfortunately, this almost certainly points towards there being an issue with your server/host that is preventing the import script from grabbing the CSV after the first question.

Here is a thread where another user had the same issue. It could be anything from a security plugin blocking access, a file permissions issue, a broken .htaccess configuration etc, but that thread should at least be a decent starting point.

09 March 2022 — 17:57 support admin - Dylan

I am not from CS Background so I was unable to grab the idea but can you guide me through the process.
It will be a great help,

17 March 2022 — 10:43 thread author - Manoj Kumar

If you are enjoying HD Quiz please leave a review here on the official WordPress.org page. HD Quiz is developed by me, just some dude, and is supported and available for free. It may seem dumb, but truly nothing makes me happier than knowing that people are using and loving HD Quiz and my hard work.

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