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Shortcode says multiple quizzes displayed

Published: August 7, 2023
Support status: closed


I’m using the HD Quiz plugin to design a quiz for the nonprofit I work for on WordPress Elementor. I build the quiz, copied the shortcode and then pasted it into the shortcode builder block on Elementor. It keeps saying “HD QUIZ – WARNING: There is more than one quiz on this page. Due to the complexity of HD Quiz, only one quiz should on a page at a time.” I’m not sure why this is happening as the shortcode is only pasted once and this is the first and only quiz I’ve ever built. Can you troubleshoot? Thanks

thread author: Emilee Martichenko

Hi Emilee,
first, if you are seeing that message, it means that the quiz is loading twice on the page. This does not, however, necessarily mean that you added in the shortcode twice (so I doubt you did anything wrong!).

So far, I think this issue has cropped up three times over the years for other users. Each time, the issue was with Elementor – specifically whatever page template they were using.

Essentially, the issue was that the Elementor template was broken and that it was duplicating ALL content on the page (and keeping the duplicated content inside a hidden div) – not just the HD Quiz shortcode.

Something you can do to test is to create a brand-new page and place ONLY the shortcode on it. If it works, then we know with certainty that the issue is with the other page specifically. From there, you can either attempt to fix whatever page template you are currently using, or just create a new page from scratch so that the error hopefully doesn’t trigger for you again.

As a last resort, you can also try the WordPress Debug Steps.

I wish I could help you more, but I don’t think I can provide any specific instructions since this is a situation unique to your setup, but please feel free to let me know if you are still unable to fix, and we can brainstorm some solutions for you!

07 August 2023 — 14:35 support admin - Dylan

Hi Dylan,

I’ve just tested it by pasting into an entirely new page, unrelated to our blog template, and it worked without issue. So does this mean the blog page is corrupted and is duplicating all the content? Could you possibly advise on how to fix? Thanks

07 August 2023 — 15:54 thread author - Emilee

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