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several users of a quiz report two missing IMAGES, but I …

Published: June 12, 2020
Support status: closed

several users of a quiz report two missing IMAGES, but I don’t see any missing images on my end in either setup or page view. This quiz was set up before your last major update. is there a workaround for this issue? thanks!

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thread author: Ricky

Hi Ricky,
I’m not seeing any issues either – I can see all images no problem.

HD quiz does not do anything special with the featured image – it just prints the image directly onto the page. This means that whatever the issue is, it is not coming from HD Quiz.

So what could be the cause? The issue could be one of the following.

  1. Image format compatibility. A lot of modern optimization tools such as page caching plugins, image optimizers, or CDNs will convert some images into “next-gen formats” such as webp. If some of your images are in a next-gen format and one of your users is using an outdated browser, then they won’t be able to see the image.
  2. CDN issue. If you are using a CDN (looks like you are using Proton with Jetpack) then the issue could same as above, or even just a temporary issue with the CDN not having the image stored on the server that your user is trying to connect to yet. In this case, you can either just wait, or try to change the CDN server you are serving from (I don’t use JetPack, but pretty sure this can be updated from within Jetpack. It looks like you are currently using server “1”.
  3. Lazy load. If you are lazy loading images, then depending on your user’s browser and window size, the lazy load images may fail to hit the “threshold” needed to display.
12 June 2020 — 21:26 support admin - Dylan

Thanks for the response. I’m not using web-p and I have Lazy-load (in jetpack) turned off. I use JPGs and i didn’t receive any user-errors when this was first published (a couple of months ago) which lead me to believe it was something to do with the update. I also don’t see (in jetpack) where I change any CDN options.

I’m stumped because some users aren’t experiencing missing images and complete the quiz with no issues. While others are complaining that i didn’t bother to add images for #x and #x

I suppose I’ll wait. Also, thank you so much for this awesome plugin! Love it!

13 June 2020 — 09:34 thread author - Ricky

If you are enjoying HD Quiz please leave a review here on the official WordPress.org page. HD Quiz is developed by me, just some dude, and is supported and available for free. It may seem dumb, but truly nothing makes me happier than knowing that people are using and loving HD Quiz and my hard work.

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