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Regarding Google AdSense and Paginate or WP Pagination I…

Published: March 12, 2023
Support status: closed

Regarding Google AdSense and Paginate or WP Pagination

In order to increase Ad Views. Is it possible to have a new AdSense ads load with each new question?

WP Pagination set to 1 per page looks like it loads a new page page/2, page/3, page/4 etc for every question. Will using WP Pagination set to 1 per page cause new AdSense ads to load with each new question?

Paginate does not seem to load a new page. Will using Paginate cause new AdSense ads to load with each new question?

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thread author: Mark Taylor

Hi Mark, the adcode will run after every 5 questions. This is to stop your ad accounts from being banned since all major ad networks have limits on how often you can show ads (anti ad spam rules/adstuffing etc).

If you want to use WP Pagination and have this set to 1 – then I recommend not even use the Adset Code in HD Quiz. You will presumably already have your ads running on every one of your pages already right? So forcing it again for every question wouldn’t do anything except create a worse experience for your users and possibly break AdSenses terms of service.

If you do not already place Adsense ads on your pages, then I’d recommend setting your WP Pagination to 5. Since HD Quiz ads show after every 5 questions, you will need to display at least 5 questions per page.

Lastly, if you are dead set on showing ads for every question while using WP Pagination – take a look at this recent support request where a user asked for the opposite – they wanted to show ads after every 10 questions instead of 5.


. You can use the same method to change it to after every question – but I obviously do not recommend such a move for reasons stated above. But HD Quiz is free and open source – yours to modify as you like!

12 March 2023 — 15:07 support admin - Dylan

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