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quiz is not showing on my post i already pasted short co…

Published: September 25, 2021
Support status: closed

quiz is not showing on my post

i already pasted short code on post but still quiz is not showing

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thread author: sushil

Hi sushi,
sorry but I cannot help you unless you send me a link to the page/post where you added the shortcode. Please provide a link and I’ll take a look ASAP and let you know what’s going on

26 September 2021 — 11:19 support admin - Dylan

Quiz is not showing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here is my page link. please check this and reply me

26 September 2021 — 13:21 thread author - sushil

Thanks for the link.

Unfortunately, I am unable to give you a direct solution, but I did find some interesting things.

First, your site is properly enqueuing the script files, but it is not printing the quiz content at all – it’s just completely missing from your site. I’ve literally never seen this before.

I’ve also noticed that some of your other pages (unrelated to HD Quiz) are also not showing content. This tells me that there is likely an issue either with your theme or possibly your site cache system.

My reccomendation are:
First, clear your site cache (LiteSpeed plugin) to eliminate that as a possible cause. Next, you can try previewing your site using a different theme. If it works with a different theme then we know where to look. I also recommend adding some extra content to that quiz page – any content will do. I want to see if that content shows or if it is hidden as well.

26 September 2021 — 13:35 support admin - Dylan

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