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Question type “select all that apply” for multiple choice images is not working on FE

Published: November 1, 2023
Support status: closed

Hey, i know you have the question type “select all that apply”, but i need more correct answers for “multiple choice images”. I marked the correct answers -> multiple choice images -> button green for more answers in backend, but in frontend it is only possible to choose one. If i click another one it’s changing to this, i can not select more answers…
Can you help me out please.

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you’ll find the testquiz here:
PW: HDQuizTest

thread author: Tatjana

Hi Tatjana,
The bad news is there there is no Select All That Apply: image. Only multiple choice.

The good news is that this question type has been a long time in the making and is ready for the next release (probably next week).

01 November 2023 — 18:34 support admin - Dylan

Thanks Dylan, than i am looking forward to it. All the best for you and the team.

02 November 2023 — 03:16 thread author - Tatjana

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