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Only first Quiz works

Published: May 8, 2024
Support status: closed


First, thank you for this awesome and easy to use plugin.
I was testing this and followed the steps below:
1 – Created a Quiz added the shortcode to a page and tested. This worked corrected.
link to the one that works – http://takeaguess.magdev.com.ng/sample-page

2 – I then created another quiz, the question is worded differently, but its the same answer as quiz1 above. I added this shortcode to another page and when I tried to test it, all is see is the Finish button. The question did not load.
Link to one that does not work – http://takeaguess.magdev.com.ng/help

I am using Divi Theme and I have also tried the scenario on a wordpress site without any theme.

So basically, only one quiz works. Please advise.

thread author: Mj17

Hi Mj17,
do the questions show when editing a quiz?

How did you add the quiz? It looks like you added a quiz with the ID of 0 – which is impossible as WordPress assigns a unique ID to all taxonomies (quizzes).

09 May 2024 — 16:11 support admin - Dylan

Thank you for your response.
The questions showed when editing.
I added the quiz using the shortcode. I copied and pasted the shortcode. And I see the shortcode in the correct format.
In any case, I deleted the quiz that was not working, created a new quiz and its tarted working.
Thanks again.

10 May 2024 — 02:46 thread author - mj17

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