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m4a for audio file or mp3?

Published: May 2, 2024
Support status: closed

Hi, I am creating some audio file for the questions and I am wondering if it is ok to upload m4a or if I should do mp3? By default, in garage band mac, I get m4a but I can change it if necessary. Any recommandations please? Thank you in advance

thread author: Carole

I have the ultimate recommendation. A FREE addon I created recently just for this purpose 🙂

You can view details here:

Question Featured Audio?

02 May 2024 — 19:49 support admin - Dylan

Yes thank you. It’s great! I am using it. I was just wondering if it mattered m4a or mp3 for the audio file please?

03 May 2024 — 15:14 thread author - carole

I’d recommend mp3 (or ogg if you have the option). My understanding is that Apple devices (safari) have poor m4a support.

03 May 2024 — 19:22 support admin - Dylan

Ok thanks! I will do mp3 then!

03 May 2024 — 23:02 thread author - Carole

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