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Love the quiz! Just have a question about the Results Add…

Published: February 19, 2021
Support status: closed

Love the quiz! Just have a question about the Results Addon, it seems to only show 20 results in the table, and I cant find where to change this or whether it’s a bug?
Also, feature suggestion: When you add “Use Question as Title” to a list of questions, it is assigned a question number. This breaks the numbering of questions if you just want to split up a quiz into sections and want the questions to have specific numbering. Is it possible to have the Title-type question not be numbered? Additionally, an option to either restart or resume number after a “Use Question as Title” question would be awesome too.

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thread author: Lucas Young

Hi Lucas,
The Save Results Light: should list up to 1000 recent results. The fact that yours is specifically capped at 20 tells me that either your theme, or another plugin is hooking into the default WordPress query and FORCING them to never return more than 20. If this is the case, then I’m afraid there is nothing I can do on my end. What you can try to do is temporarily change themes to see if more than 20 results show. If they do, then we know that your theme is the one hard capping it. If still only 20, then we know it’s another plugin.

Queston Title Number: It is only numbered in the backend to help users navigate and quickly know where they were last when going through and modifying many questions. The quiz itself does not display a question number for this question type since… it’s not a question 🙂

22 February 2021 — 13:12 support admin - Dylan

Oh, and you can enable Paginate for question titles. This will hide the questions for that “section” behind a “next” button.

You can enable Paginate by editing a question and looking at the “extra” tab.

22 February 2021 — 13:13 support admin - Dylan

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