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Last question of the quiz is creating a separate “next” button

Published: April 25, 2024
Support status: closed

I have a quiz with 7 questions. When I start the quiz there are two “next” buttons. One button leads users to the actual next question and the second button skips all the questions and goes to the very last question. Why is this? I don’t want two “next” buttons on the botton of each question page. Also, after completing the 6th question and pressing next, it takes me to a blank page with ANOTHER “next button and then finally to the final question. Please help me.

thread author: Tina

Hi Tina,
this 100% should not be happening.

Can you please provide a link to a quiz so that I can take a look? There is probably something on your site interfering with the pagination, and I’ll need to be able to see it in order to track down the issue for you.

25 April 2024 — 12:20 support admin - Dylan

[redacted for privacy by support admin]

Thank you! I thought something was weird.

25 April 2024 — 15:30 thread author - Tina


I think I see the issue, and luckily it’s a very small one 🙂

You have enabled Paginate on your first question. As per the description of that feature:

Start a new page with this question
user will need to select “next” to see this question or ones below it

So this is the reason for the first next button.

You ALSO have WP Pagination enabled from within the quiz settings (advanced tab). This is why the second button appears. WP Pagination sends the user to a whole new page.

Especially since it appears that you have your pagination set up to only show 6 per page but only have 7 questions, it makes very little sense to use WP Pagination.

So I recommend the following for your site.

  1. Disable WP Pagination from the quiz settings. You can leave that field blank to disable.
  2. Uncheck “Paginate” from your first question. Only enable this on questions where you want to hide the following questions behind a “next” button.
25 April 2024 — 16:33 support admin - Dylan

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