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Is there a way to split up questions in a quiz? Like disp…

Published: May 22, 2023
Support status: closed

Is there a way to split up questions in a quiz? Like display one question separately from others?
If I try to put two quizzes on the same page, HDQuiz gives me an error, so I was wondering if there’s any other way to do this?
Thank you

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thread author: Rale

With things like quiz timers, random question order, pagination etc – having more than one quiz on the same page causes conflicts and issues – especially since each quiz can have its own unique settings.

My answer will change based on what “Like display one question separately from others” means. Why do you want one question to be separate from the quiz? If you can provide context I might be able to brainstorm some ideas for you 🙂

Right now, I only have two ideas.

  1. Paginate.
    For example, let set up a quiz like this: Your first question will be the one you want to separate. Now on your second question, go to the “extra” tab and enable “paginate”. This will hide the second question (and all following questions) behind a “next” button.

This way your first question is “separated” from the rest, in a roundabout way.
(bonus: the “question as a title” question type can be used as a “heading” to help separate different question groups)

  1. Link to a different page
    Since you can only have one quiz on a page, add your second quiz to a different page and link to it from the first. You can also add links in the quiz results text to help “connect” two separate quizzes as well.
23 May 2023 — 12:14 support admin - Dylan

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