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Is there a way to customize the results page? I do an …

Published: November 20, 2015
Support status: closed

Is there a way to customize the results page? I do an mental health quiz. I don’t think “congratulations! You passed.” is the best response to having a problem. I would also like to add a hyperlink the results page too. Thanks for the great plugin.

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thread author: Mike

Hello Mike and thank you for using HD Quiz!

You can customize the results text by editing the quiz options. You can get to the quiz options by going to HD Quiz -> Quizzes, then selecting the quiz you would like to edit. From there you will be able to customize almost every aspect of the quiz including the text for passing or failing the quiz.

As for adding a link, I think that the ability to add a link to the quiz results is a great idea, so I’ll add in a dedicated way to do this is the next update.


I have sent Mike a modified version of HD Quiz 1.4 with this requested functionality and it seems all is working! This feature is now marked as complete and will be included in the next version of HD Quiz.

20 November 2015 — 21:16 support admin - Dylan

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