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Is it possible to get image quiz to open as a pile of pages?

Published: September 6, 2023
Support status: closed


Can I somehow get randomized image questions to open one after another on the same place just by clicking next. I mean so that they’re like a pile and once answered and clicked next, the topmost disappears and reveals the next one below it. Furthermore, when will the new under development image quiz mode (select all that apply) get published as it is the one that suits to my use case the best?

Thanks in advance. Your plugin seems great but these obstacles are hindering it’s use in my case.

with best regards,


thread author: Ilmo Nurminen

Hi Ilmo,
it really depends on what you mean by a “pile”. It would be possible to visually make it look like a pile stacked on top of each other with custom animations and things – but that would all be custom stuff on top of HD Quiz, and providing that would be far outside of the scope of support I can offer here.

However, if all you are looking for is the actual functionality of showing and hiding questions, then the feature you are looking for is called Paginate.

You can enable Paginate on all questions by editing the question and selecting Paginate from the “Extra” tab. This is what allows questions to show and hide.

As for select all that apply image based questions, this feature was planned for two releases out. The next release will be a major coding change to the quiz templates, making it easier to hook into and also prepare compatibility for things like ajax loading quizzes. The update after was planned to be a feature update with ajax loading, and new question types.

I’ll look into how far along I am with adding in that question type and see if it’s worth also including it in the next update, but I cannot promise anything!

06 September 2023 — 11:31 support admin - Dylan

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