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In the lastest version 1.8 .csv upload not working. It sh…

Published: July 18, 2021
Support status: closed

In the lastest version 1.8 .csv upload not working.
It shows that ‘selected file is not csv. Although my files are properly formatted.’
.CSV file upload not even working for sample file provided by HD QUIZ.

So please consider it and solve the problem.

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thread author: Anupam Raj

Hi Anupam,
the CSV import absolutely still works. A user just this weekend sent me a message about how happy they were since they were able to upload over 8000 questions without issue.

If you are seeing the “Uploaded file was not a CSV” then it means that there is an issue with your server. Some things to look at are

A) On cheap shared hosting servers, your site shares the same resources as possibly hundreds of others. Every server has a folder called “tpm” (temporary) where uploaded files go to be secured and validated before being brought over to the place where your site actually lives. On cheaper hosting servers, this tmp folder can become filled stopping you from constantly uploading files.

B) You might have some security system installed either in WordPress (check any security plugins to see if they stopped the upload) or your server itself that is simply stopping the CSV from being uploaded.

C) Some servers aren’t smart enough to rename files. So if you upload a file called questions.csv twice, the second one will fail since that file already exists. Also make sure that your filename does not have any spaces or special characters as per the upload instructions. Most servers won’t mind, but some can be very picky and have issues.

19 July 2021 — 14:09 support admin - Dylan

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