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In order to bring our click-through rate back down, we’…

Published: July 22, 2020
Support status: closed

In order to bring our click-through rate back down, we’d like to divide our 15-question quizzes into three pages of five questions apiece. While that is easily possible to do now, it does not function that well. When clicking ‘Next’ it very briefly flashes the answers for that page then moves on. When clicking ‘Finish’ it tallies up the score for the total quiz, but only shows the correct answers for the final 5 questions.

What would be ideal is for the questions to remain paginated, but for the results screen to show ALL the questions and answers as well as the final score.

That feature IMO is the final piece that will turn this from a really good plug-in into a truly great one. Thanks for giving it some consideration.

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