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I was stoked by your enthusiasm more than anything else. …

Published: February 18, 2022
Support status: closed

I was stoked by your enthusiasm more than anything else. It’s great to make things for the joy of it and the good feedback from others.

I’m looking to develop my quizzes to be as responsive and multi directional as possible. They were intended for fun and cheek only. Adding images in interesting ways was the main thing I was looking to get (I do cartoons) but I suspect with HD quiz I’ll be trying to do even more.

An impatient bogle (imp) tapping its foot if someone is taking too long is already on the list.

The quizzes I’ve cobbled together in the past are on the Scots language (quiz is in in English) for Scots. So far they’re simple, giving cheeky progress updates, scoldings for errors and several feedback responses depending on how well each user has done. The hope was to encourage them to have other goes to see what the different responses would be – an insult at every opportunity. You can see them on the Stooryduster site under Quizzes.

If I was better at coding I’d contribute to your effort.

I’m going to run your plugin on my local install of Stooryduster on WordPress and experiment for a while. I’ll give you a shout when/if it goes live (I’m retired and take my time now). Keep on keeping on and keep enjoying life.

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