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i use two quizzes in my post, my problem is when the seco…

Published: April 21, 2020
Support status: closed

i use two quizzes in my post, my problem is when the second quiz is done and show the result, in that moment the scroll shows always the result of th first result. Please help to fix that!

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thread author: Andy Pasparico

Hi Andy,
you cannot have more than one quiz running on the same page. This is because each quiz can have its own settings and options – custom pass percentage, sharing results, pass/fail text etc. There just isn’t a good way to allow for multiple quizzes on the same page that is cross compatible with all devices and browsers (for example: I used to have this functionality, then Apple changed Safari so it no longer worked on iPhones).

I recommend adding each quiz to a separate page, and then simply linking to them from your main page.

21 April 2020 — 17:32 support admin - Dylan

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