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I can’t upload bulk questions via CSV file, even just edi…

Published: April 2, 2021
Support status: closed

I can’t upload bulk questions via CSV file, even just edit word your sample file, its showing uploaded, but not showing counting when upload and not showing quiz area

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thread author: Asrar Sheikh

Hi Asrar,
the most likely reason is that your host/site is blocking the upload. So HD Quiz sees a blank file and goes “cool; 0/0 uploaded. Guess we’re done!”.

Some things to try:

First, try renaming the file before uploading. Make it unique, but with no special characters or spaces. Some hosts will block this.

Second, BEFORE uploading, open up your browser console. This can be done by pressing F12 on most browsers. When the console is open, continue with the upload and import. Check to see if the console shows any messages paying special note to anything in red.

Please report back and I can help further from here. We just need to narrow down the possible causes as much as possible

02 April 2021 — 13:53 support admin - Dylan

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